Cold outreach could be hard, but does it have to be?

Humaily is your |who will always be there for you as you write your next email.
Make sure your emails are CLEAR, CONCISE, AND CUSTOMER-FOCUSED before hitting the send button!

Meet Humaily
You've chosen your prospect. You've done your research. You had a great feeling about this opportunity - "This is a 100% fit".

You felt pumped to write the best email ever and start a conversation. You wrote it passionately in a matter of minutes. You pressed "send". You've never received a response.

Remember this feeling?
Humaily gives your cold emails:
Human touch
You'll get the extra nudge to make your emails sound personal and authentic from the very first line.
The game is over for long, complex emails with zero structure. It's time for easily scannable and mobile-friendly emails.
Shift the perspective from what you want to say about yourself to what your prospects are more likely to experience.
You'll get suggestions and examples of CTAs that actually work.
P.S. this goes far beyond a meeting request.
Ready to get to know Humaily better?
Build "healthy" email writing habits
Enhance your emails on the go
Send clear, concise and customer-focused emails
Start 2-3 times more conversations
With Humaily, you can quickly forget about a 2-5% reply rate and tons of missed opportunities. Explore Humaily and start sharpening your emails today!
How it works
Humaily is here to support your journey from point A to your prospect's inbox.
Real-time analytics
Get a clear idea of the structural, linguistic, and sentiment components of your emails. It's easy to send emails that have the highest chances of getting a response!
Control the I:You ratio
Prospects want to be heard and understood as much as you do. Keep an eye on the I:You ratio to make sure you relate to their challenges, interests and not talk about yourself.
Make quick fixes
Humaily analyzes your subject line, email structure, and content to draw your attention to all the red flags. Check the Fixes tab to improve your emails as fast as possible.
Avoid the SPAM folder trap
Spam trigger words are your worst enemies. Humaily catches them throughout the text, so you can make quick adjustments and replace them with safer alternatives.
Want to increase your response rate?
Get a fresh analysis of your emails and make refinements on the go!